We are experienced, customer oriented professionals that will service your solar system and provide you with a detailed report so that you can keep you solar investment running at maximum efficiency and help keep your commitment to renewable energy.

We are expert in several types of solar panel systems:

- Industrial/commercial roof tops

- Residential

- Canopy



For residential we will come to your house and service your solar panels. What that includes is taking electrical current readings at the subpanel prior to servicing, physical inspection of the solar system documenting any areas that are in need of attention, cleaning of the solar panel, taking secondary readings of the electrical current post cleaning, and sending you a comprehensive report that includes inspection areas along with photos of any items that are in need of attention.

Cost of a Solar Panel Service: Current pricing is $249.00 for a comprehensive inspection and cleaning for up to 20 solar panels.  

For commercial or industrial solar servicing, please call and speak with one of representatives. We will provide a free, no obligation quote.