Whether you are looking for straight up solar panel cleaning, complete inspection or developing a proper maintenance schedule, Stanley Certified Solar is your complete solar panel maintenance resource. You'll be quoted a fair price and get superior service - that's our commitment to you.


Preventive Maintenance
By properly cleaning and maintaining your solar panels you will maximize your benefits and electricity cost savings.

Maximum Power Output
By having Stanley Certified Solar maintain your solar, you are maximizing the power absorption of your solar panels.

Green Footprint
Stanley Certified Solar only uses environmental friendly cleaners and protectants. Our cleaning solution is 100% bio friendly and HMIS Rating Health – 0, Reactivity 0, Flammability 0, and PPE – None.

Get Started Now
Call or email today to have a Stanley Certified Solar Technician come to your house and service your solar.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Solar Maintenance